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Anatomical 3D Model

Anatomical 3D Model In medical practice, the usage of anatomical models has definitely proven its efficacy. Anatomical models are extremely handy, not only for the pre-operative planning of surgeries, but also as a communication tool with patients. Throughout the industry, these models are a wide-spread phenomenon. The creation of 3D models with the Mimics Innovation Suite is incredibly user-friendly.

Some of the advantages are:

• Easy and robust segmentation tools
• The proven accuracy of the models
• An easy link to 3D Printing
• The possibility to adapt/modify the medical models with multiple design functionalities And more…

Different tools are available, offering you:

• An easy import wizard to import stacks of images
• Segmentation in only 3 simple steps (thresholding, region growing, 3D calculation)
• Useful and practical editing tools to optimise the 3D models (morphology operations, Boolean operations,…)
• Visualisation of 3D contours on the images to verify accuracy of the models
• The possibility to adapt the anatomical models in 3-matic

Physically reproducing your patient’s anatomy offers better insight to the complexity of the specific pathology, and provides additional information to come to a diagnosis. These models help you assess the situation and decide on a plan of action before entering the operating room, so you can be better prepared and increase your efficiency in the operating room.

Highly detailed models help to:

• Accurately evaluate the patient’s anatomy
• Reduce surprises during surgery
• Facilitate medical diagnoses
• Optimize surgical procedures before you enter the operating room
• Make the most of your pre-operative planning
• Improve communication between you and your team members or patient
• Help you as a visual reference during surgery


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