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Surgical Guides

Use of a surgical guide can make implant placement far simpler. These systems use 3D imaging of the patients anatomy to plan the ideal implant placement and angulation, and then provide the clinician with a 3D printed drill guide that guides the surgery. The use of implant surgical guide systems can make implant placement easier and faster for dentists, and the success of the case far more accurate.

When booking the patient for a full package consisting of a template, CBCT and surgical guide they will need to attend the centre for two separate appointments.

On their first appointment the patient will have a digital impression to fabricate a radiographic template. Once we have the template fabricated we will contact the patient to organise a further appointment to have their CBCT whilst their template is in position.

Once the lab has received the patients scan they will themselves contact the patient to plan the case. Once approved the surgical guide will be fabricated.

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